Chun-Hung Liu wins the 2018 ACO Outstanding Student Prize

The prize committee, Greg Blekherman, Santanu Dey and Santosh Vempala (chair), selected Chun-Hung Liu the winner of the 2018 ACO Outstanding Student Prize. Chun-Hung will receive a diploma and a cash prize, made possible thanks to a generous donation by the late Professor Emeritus Richard Duke. The citation reads:

ACO Outstanding Student Prize
        presented to 
        Chun-Hung Liu
for his breakthrough research as a PhD student resolving the Robertson conjecture for topological minors, namely that graphs that do not have a Robertson chain of ]fixed length as a topological minor are well-quasi-ordered; for developing and refining parts of the classical Robertson-Seymour theory, and discovering entirely new methods alongside; and for displaying an exemplary attitude towards research and scholarship.