Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization Research Network (ACORN) Meeting 2023

Georgia Tech will be hosting the 2023 ACORN (Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization Research Network) Workshop, March 9-11, 2023. Registration is now open at the website here:
Graduate students and postdocs please indicate on your registration if you'd like to present in a grad/student postdoc session.

ACORN (Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization Research Network) is a group of institutions, departments, and researchers committed to the principle that the fields of combinatorics, optimization, and algorithms share core ideas and methods and that their different perspectives bring new ideas, questions, and techniques to the other fields. This principle is exemplified by the joint PhD programs in algorithms, combinatorics, and optimization at the University of Waterloo, Carnegie Mellon University, and Georgia Tech. Faculty from these three institutions are organizing the first ACORN workshop in March 2023.

The workshop will feature speakers from all three disciplines, with subsessions organized around themes that resonate across fields, such as the power of randomness, classification and understanding of combinatorial structures, and the analysis of algorithms beyond the worst-case. Two of the lectures will be survey talks highlighting connections between the three areas represented. The third day of the workshop will be a celebration of the career of Ravi Kannan.

A main focus of the workshop will be providing opportunities for junior participants (graduate students and post docs) to meet their peers at other institutions, meet senior researchers in their field, and present their work. There will be a postdoc-run session for junior participants, a junior-senior lunch in small groups, and travel support for junior participants.