Schedule of ACO-Related Classes

Answers to frequently asked registration questions. Spring 2016 semester class schedules are posted below and links to previous semesters are at the end.

Spring 2017 Class Schedule

Course Number Course Name Instructor Course Time
Computer Science
CS 6505 Computability and Algorithms Vigoda TuTh 9:35-10:55
CS 6550 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Vazirani MW 3:05-4:25
Industrial and Systems Engineering
ISyE 6663 Nonlinear Optimization Monteiro MW 8:05-9:25
ISyE 6762 Stochastic Processes II Goldberg MW 4:35-5:55
ISyE 7683 Advanced Nonlinear Programming Lan TuTh 9:35-10:55
ISyE 7686 Advanced Combinatorial Optimization TBA TuTh 1:35-2:55
ISyE 8813-AHM Stochastic Programming Ahmed TuTh 12:05-1:25
ISyE 8813-NEM Topics in Data Science Nemirovski TuTh 1:35-2:55
ISyE 8813-TOV Computational and Probability Problems in Social Choice Tovey TuTh 3:05-4:25
Math 6122 Algebra II Srinivasan TuTh 9:35-10:55
Math 6242 Probability II Livshyts TuTh 12:05-1:25
Math 6321 Complex Analysis de la Llave TuTh 12:05-1:25
Math 6337 Real Analysis I Loss MWF 1:05-1:55
Math 6338 Real Analysis II Heil MW 3:05-4:25
Math 6422 Algebraic Geometry II Leykin MWF 1:05-1:55
Math 6441 Algebraic Topology I Hom MW 3:05-4:25
Math 6643 Numerical Linear Algebra Chow MWF 11:05-11:55
Math 6762 Stochastic Processes II Goldberg MW 4:35-5:55
Math 7018 Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics Warnke TuTh 12:05-1:25
Math 7245 Stochastic Calculus II Damron TuTh 12:05-1:25
Math 8803-HOU Asymptotics in Sequence Comparison Houdre TuTh 4:35-5:55